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    Pat-chitra culture--a Bengali viewpoint-Jasimuddin
    Report on aspects of scroll making and performance in the two Bengals.
    Dhaka’s ricksha art fades in motor age
    Renowned Bangladeshi ricksha artist R.K. Das kept painting through his country’s war for independence, two bouts of sectarian bloodshed and an Islamist military government, which banned his work. But the wily 75-year-old...
    Good video of Dhaka streets and the ricksha rush. Directed by Shahjahan Siraj.
    There are more videos of rickshas on this page, of varying worth.
    The Bangladeshi Info Bike Ladies
    They ride regular bikes, not rickshas into the countryside taking digital communication like fb and skype to villages.
    Rickshas in Dhaka today
    They sure aren't as beautiful as they were in the 80s and 90s!
    Human Faces in Timbuktu
    Coiffure shop sign with erased human faces on depictions.
    Off-beat message on Indian truck
    Photo by McComas Taylor--Near Hospet, Karnataka, 10 April 2012
    Adornments are no longer exclusively handmade.
    “Pakistani buses were originally decorated using carved woodwork and individual paintings,” said Kurram Awan, the owner of a small shop of truck-decorating supplies in Lahore.
    What an utterly stupid snobby idea!
    The foreign woman in the ricksha (photo) looks plenty pissed off.
    Pohela Boishakh -Bengali New Year procession
    Bengali New Year festival with masks