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The main feature of the Dhaka ricksha is the painted backboard panel (chobi, picture), which hangs between the two rear wheels at the base of the passenger cab. In Dhaka, this panel picture is not repeated on the cab back just above it as is often true for Rajshahi. Ricksha hoods in Dhaka in past decades had characteristic designs. In the late 90's, hood designs have proliferated to the point that there is no longer one predominant style. The hand painted large design hood shown here is new since the eighties.


ricksha decor tends to emphasize stacked, gaily painted bars in place of the backboard common to both Dhaka and Rajshahi. In this image the movie picture on the cab back is a typical Chittagonian style, but such material is rarer in Chittagong than in the other two cities because the city is said to be more pious than the others. The overal stylistics however are fairly typical of this city.

Finally, Rajshahi style includes a special hood design different from Dhaka or Chittagong hoods, as well as the tendency to repeat the backboard picture, enlarged, on the cab back. For more design and style details, see the Image Gallery.



Pabna, halfway between Rajshahi and Dhaka, is a small town with many
of its own esthetic styles, in saris as well as ricksha decor. The Pabna
ricksha style resembles Rajshahi style in the carved lower edge of its back
panel; Chittagong style in its hood design with large central panel; Dhaka
in its favoring movie star material.


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