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Painting Bangladesh's Colourful Rickshaws
Emperor Bahadur Shah, last Mughal ruler of India
Auto Ricksha Overload
Dhaka’s rickshaw art fades in motor age
Yangon’s Pedal Power
Ricksha panels of the Dunhams in Dhaka
Bibliography : Ricksha Arts
Art Professor Chandrashekhar at Jolrong Gallery
Important new anthology on the trials and tribulations of doing fieldwork
My book review of, On Wings of Diesel : Trucks, Identity and Culture in Pakistan.
"‘Never again’:...the Bangladesh Liberation War Museum."
Rabindranath and the Translation of Gitanjali : how the poet Yeats re-wrote Tagore's own English translation of his poems.
Life is Short, the Art Long............
Peaceable Kingdoms, or, The Cosmic Waterhole
Metaphor and Motive in Bangladeshi Ricksha Art
Bangladeshi Arts of the Ricksha, my first online article,1997
threads -- the art and life of Surayia Rahman
Save That Elephant!
Decorated Pakistani vehicles: Ehtisham's website, ca.2013.
Autoricksha as helicopter
Going Home in Style--Thailand and Idaho, USA
Article from _Outlook India_ online: "Jihadi Revelations"
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