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seems to have provided a good deal of the images; exhibitions along "scientific" lines laid out the anti-opium viewpoints of government and moralisers. The review also mentions a famous portrait of the last Mughal emperor, Bahadur Shah, about which "Childers suggests that the prominently-displayed hookah that partially obscures the emperor’s face in the image, when placed in its original [social] context which included myriad photographs of abject, dissolute opium users, made the image a poor fit in “Mutiny discourse.” The hookah actually made the emperor into a sympathetic figure, a victim of opium rather than the decadent despot of 'mutiny' literature." 

This particular image isn't known to me; instead I offer here a beautiful painting of him. The hookah is there, but does not insinuatingly obliterate a view of his face. (J.K.)

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